Beggar nations can’t be participatory democracies

Canada, Switzerland, Finland are “parliamentary democracies” and Sweden is a “participatory democracy”. Look, I have no problem with a participatory democracy in-and-of-itself. I do have a major problem with this form of government for Honduras. I’m sorry, but you simply cannot compare Honduras’ population to that of Sweden. We are still in the stone age, compared to Sweden. We have to teach our children and adults how to read, think critically, practice good decision-making, how to hold productive meetings, how to use communications & information technologies. You cannot impose a sophisticated system like participatory democracy that requires a self-sufficient population on a country like Honduras. I hate to admit it, but my native country is a beggar nation. We are not self-sufficient. And this is not because of our representative form of government, it is because we have a very poor education system and horrendous cultural diseases like machismo that stunt our growth.

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